multifamily property in oklahoma city

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I am currently searching for a multi-family property in Oklahoma City. Advice? Neighborhoods to avoid?

how many unit complex are you looking for?

I'm searching there as well, and everyone told us to avoid Del City.  We ended up making an offer on a property there anyway.  There were definitely some rough areas a few miles away, but this one looked solid.  I think you've just got to look at the actual property, but in general, we were told the better areas were the NW part of town.  Also depends what you're looking for, A,B,C class? Age? Price range?

we have a duplex in University Addition near The Plaza district. It was expensive, but has a solid cashflow. Area is improving dramatically very quickly. 

We are constantly looking for our second but inventory and opportunities appear to be low and hard to find. 

Send me a message and get on my Buyer's list.  These type of properties typically go very fast.

Hi David,

My name is Jeff and I'm a former OKC resident now living in San Diego.  I'd like to be added to your buyers list as I will be pursuing investment opportunities in the near future in OKC.  Thank you for your time.

there are quite a few good deals still.  lots of fixer uppers are the best deals but you need to be a cash buyer for those.  the rent ready ones are ok but cash flow is not as good.  

I don't have anyone in OK currently but I have a great Kansas City contact. Good luck with your OK investing in any case. 

What are your thoughts on buying a place with existing tenants? Will this increase the chances that a bank will finance the deal even if the home needs some work?

is anyone worried about buying in OKC right now because of oil prices and layoffs in oil related companies? I have some money for a downpayment in a rental, but this made me pause and reevaluate.

That is the shoe we are waiting to see drop.  I still see places renting quickly overall although the top end of the market is a bit slower than normal (although this may just be the time of year).  I work with multiple investors in the oil/gas industry and they all feel that while this will hurt a bit it will in no way be as catastrophic as the 80s

@Manuel Fortes  I've definitely thought about that question a lot, but I'm not too concerned about it for two primary reasons. First and foremost, I don't think that prices will stay this low forever. Based on the history of how we got here, it doesn't seem sustainable in the long run. Secondly, I think that OKC has done a great job over the last 20-30 years of broadening the spectrum of industry. Although oil is still a big player in OKC, there have been substantial increases in other industries like aviation, health care, tech startups, and entertainment that I think will help balance out the power. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 

I really hope it's not 1986 again.

Looking for small multifamily in or around OKC

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