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Hi Guys

I'm new to the sight. This is my second round in tho the real estate market, I flipped a couple houses right before the bubble bust and stayed out of it till now. In this approach I want to stay away from flipping and hold and manage multi units. I live in miami and I am looking for a agent down here that is also a investor to help me find the right deal. I am particularly looking at bank owned so that there is a upside. So BK agents would be great. I would really appreciate any referral


Be more descriptive in what you are looking for.

Value add type apartment buildings at 50% occupancy etc. are very hard to come by. Banks purged most of those assets 3 years ago.

There are still deals with a value add component to hold for cash flow. If you do find one be ready to show liquidity and net worth financial statements. The brokers have a ton of buyers looking for that product type and not much inventory left. Most sellers are ones that are selling off at a high cap to an end user investor who wants to hold for high cash flow rather than force appreciation.

Different brokers work in different spaces. So you won't typically find a 20 unit broker handling a 200 unit property. 

@Bruno Demir  stated he is correct the market is running thin, but there are still opportunities depending on your criteria and location your looking for. 

I'm starting off with 4plex conventional financing move in and move out and buy another one. There are still some out there and I'm looking for one that needs work. Mainly Little Havana ,west Flagler or Hialeah

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