Safe Philly Suburbs Where One Can Find Cheap Multi-Families

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I'm currently working with a budget of at most 100k. I plan on living in a 2 unit multi-family so I'm not trying to put myself in harms way. I'm open to both New Jersey and Pennsylvania suburbs. Any suggesttions would be greatly appreciated!

@Christopher Noto  Not sure where in specific you're trying to be, but I would look at delco for that price range. There are quite a few du/triplexes that I've been scouting in that area in the 40-80k price range. There isn't much happening in those areas (darby, chester, drexel hill, etc.) but there's plenty of safe areas.

PM me if you'd like and I can share some of the places I've been looking at.

I have been compiling this type of data for the past few months in the city and the suburbs of Philly. Send me a PM and I can email you a spreadsheet that may help you.

Hey Christopher - I'm an agent in Delaware County and would be willing to set up appointments to walk through some homes with you if you want to look at anything in particular. At 100k, you will probably be in Drexel Hill, Upper Darby, or southern Delco. It may be hard to find a type of duplex that you're looking for which will cashflow, but I think they pop up on the market from time to time. Just need to be able to analyze the property and make an offer quickly. Let me know if I can be of any help!

@Cory Land  Specifically what type of data have you been compiling? Would you mind emailing me as well? I'll PM you my info. Thanks!

@Christopher Noto  I'm not too familiar with the burbs for investing, but happen to have gone out with a friend of mine to see a listing like that. It looked pretty nice and had a good sized yard, driveway, and garage as well, if I remember correctly. Message me if you'd like the link to that listing.

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