Appraisal for multi-familys

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I'm 20 days from closing on my first duplex and the appraisal hasn't returned. The appraisal was order two weeks ago by my banker, is this normal?

Secondly, should the banker receiver the report before I do?

Thanks for your help  

@Curtis Magee   What did your loan officer say when asked about the delay? Has the appraisal been down yet and your waiting on the report or are you waiting for the appraiser to contact you to come look at the property. Normal timeline around here is no more than a week after the appraiser was at the property.  My appraisals are sent direct to me through email from the appraiser. I get it right around the same time as the bank. 

Hello Neil Schoeppsd. My loan officer told me yesterday that the appraisal was conduct a week ago today and he will send the report once he receive it (about a week) . Please allow me to give you a little back ground. I'm an out of state buyer, therefore, my agent was listed as my point of contact for the appraiser.  I questioned my loan officer and agent a few time about the appraisal. One would point to the other, which made me not trust either. I asked again yesterday and was told the appraisal was done last Friday. I spoke with my agent Saturday  and my loan officer on Monday and no one said anything about it.  To make a long story short, their actions lead me to believe something was't right, and that is why I asked the question. Thanks for your help.       

@Curtis Magee  in my experience it's the loan officer I would be talking to. He is going to need the appraisal as part of the loan package. 

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