14% on letters

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My wife and I sent our our second batch of letters 2 weeks ago and these have had a much better response than the first batch. 

Sent 50 letters to multi family owners.

3 response were tire kickers

2 wanted to sell but there price was to high 

1 lady wants to sell. She is going to move to Arizona due to health issues but she is not sure when. I will keep in touch 

1 lady moved to South Carolina  5 years ago and just wants to be done with the place. She said it needs repairs and she doesn't want to mess with it from 2000 miles away. This is a 2-1 duplex and it needs some work from my drive by. she is going to call me back today to talk more as she was on her way to work. The best part is she bought it in 1976. I haven't asked what she owes yet but this could be great! 


@Elliot Smith

Your welcome!

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