Converting a Six (6) family walk up from Left/Right to Front/Back

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Hi All:

I'm looking to convert a 25' wide by 70' deep three story walk up building from left/right one bedroom apartments to two bedroom front/back apartments. 

The building is midblock.  There must be plans out there to incorporate french doors (for light into the living area) and thereby double my beds.  

Thanks for any help. 


I don't understand what is actually going om here.

Is this a railway flat?

Is it occupied with tenants? and what are the rentals?

How much is the Property?

Unless you give more information no one really knows what's going on.  
Where is it in New York?


This is a vacant building. The apartments are set up on the left/right configuration similar to a railway flat.

I'd like to convert them to a two bedroom configuration with a front back setup so that we double the number of bedrooms.

Someone must have blue prints for floor plans to do this.


BP is a learning Blog.  We are interested in the financials on this purchase.  When you convert this building what are your renovation costs and added to your Purchase price what is the ARV?  You want someone to give you plans and we barely know what's going on.  Don't you need an architecht or draftsman or designer in the mix here?

So when you double the bedrooms without adding additional footprint, it sounds like you end up with half the number of units - so are you going from 6 units to 3? Unless the rent for 2BR is more than double the rent for 1BR, this isn't a great idea IMO. 

Adam, I've seen what you're talking about in NYC walkups. Usually the upper portion of the wall becomes windows (like a transom across the entire wall). The system works but it doesn't let a ton of light into living spaces. There may also be a need for another window in the living space. Do you have one in an air shaft or something? Given what prices are like for rentals in NYC this could make a lot of sense to do but you'll need to get an architect if you are moving walls and reconfiguring apartments. NYC DOB takes this stuff seriously. I'm sure there are floorplans available online somewhere but there's no way you'd find one that would fit your specific building dimensions and features. 

Thanks Carl. I'm pretty sure that an architect or developer on here will have plans that can be modified easier than from scratch. 

This is a pretty common building plan in NYC's five boroughs where many lots are 25'wide. It is typical for 6 and 8 family buildings built 1915-1938 I believe. 

Thanks again. 

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