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Quick question for experiences multi family operators. I have a 2 1/2 (one guy is part time) maintenance men and about 270 units total. I was listening to Ken McElroy and he made the statement that it is a mistake to ask your maintenance men to turn units. 

Do most companies outsource the turns or do in house?


@Ron Steele , great job on the 270 units!!

For my recent 200+ unit deal I have my maintenance do the turns besides outsourcing the carpet/tile installation and resurfacing counters and tubs.

I use additional sub contractors that do specific jobs, carpet, paint, and so on. It allows me to turn properties with-in a couple of days rather than weeks. Maintenance people i would use only if i wanted to keep them busy, but with 270 units they should already be pretty busy. 

Thanks for responses.

What are you spending on painting. I'm in the c class apartments mostly. I'm trying to standardize colors and doing one accent wall in main living room. Trying to decide on vinyl plank (more expensive)and carpet in bedroom or carpet throughout.

What are you spending to paint a typical 2 bedroom apartment. I've been all over the place in regards to pricing.

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