Rule of thumb acquisition costs

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I'm using a spreadsheet from CCIM to evaluate my potential purchase. It's looking for input on acquisition cost, specifically the cost of a loan from the lender and also the cost to acquire the property. I'm looking at sub $300k 6-10 unit properties in Michigan. As a rule of thumb what percent can I expect to plan on for these two costs.

For me acquisition costs vary widely depending on the type of financing, services needed and even the time of year and that's for properties all in the same geographic area.

For example:

Financing - origination fees, appraisals, points vary depending on the lender and type of loan

Legal - Title insurance is usually a percentage but the attorneys fees, recording fees seem to vary quite a bit especially if any kind of title issue comes up. In Georgia attorneys do closings not title companies so this probably varies by area. Also we pay stamp taxes to the government which I'm sure varies by area.

Services - If you get them, Inspection, Survey, Termite, rekeying etc.

Taxes - depending on the time of the year I pay prorated property taxes at closing

Having said that, I usually figure on 2-3%.

Jeff Kehl thank you for the rationale and the percentage. I understand it will vary but wanted a ball park so I have a better idea and can present this to a lender and I look educated.