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I recently started in multifamily investing after years of flipping and investing in single family homes.  You think with real estate experience the transition would be fairly simple, but I can honestly say, I had no idea what I was getting into.  When you are buying larger deals and buying out of state (aka: outside your comfort zone) - it is a whole different ball game. I have spent months learning and with the guidance of a coach got to the point that I put a 30 unit, off market deal in South Carolina under contract.... then it fell apart.

I wrote a blog under my profile about the top 10 lessons I learned since jumping into multifamily a few months ago.  I am new to BP and I see a lot of great discussions on here. I thought maybe my experience could help prepare someone that is new.  I often see people say they want to get into multifamily... and I can now look back and say that it is an awesome place to be... but I would never, ever recommend anyone jump in without guidance - experienced in real estate or not.

I'm not certain how or if you can link a blog to a forum post. But if you do take the time to find the blog on my profile page and you found it useful or have any questions, please let me know.

Cheers to all the multifamily newbies out there! I am back on the ride again looking for another deal :) 

@April Crossley

Welcome to the BP community. 

Your experience and interactions will provide the exchange of good ideas and stories to tell. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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I'm working to purchase my first multi family out of state property. Looking forward to reading your blog. Welcome to BP.

Welcome.  I really appreciated your blog post.  Thanks.

I would like to read the posting on your blog. Could you direct me to the link.


Excellent blog and advise  here is the link


Excellent, welcome!

Welcome and congratulations to you @April Crossley.   Thank you.  Good luck with your continuing success.  

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