Multi family Minneapolis

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Hello BP's!  I am a new investor in the Minneapolis area looking to acquire my first multifamily rental property.  I am interested in networking with people in the area to learn more about what has been successful for them in the past.  I am also interested in finding a private lender or a seller financed property.  Please let me know if you have any tips, or if you would like to meet up.  Thanks!

@Brad Park

Welcome to BP! I would recommend attending the local real estate meet up groups to network along with being active on BP. Feel free to send me a message and I will send you information on the different groups. 

Cheers, Sawyer 

Hi Brad,

Welcome to BP. I'm in the exact same boat - a new investor in the Minneapolis area looking to get started with an owner-occ MFR. I guess I can't point you to any good resources since I'm learning the ropes now too but I'd love to hear how your first purchase goes!