Best source for syndication education

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Joel Block's bi-annual symposium in Las Vegas is the best education around IMO.  There simply isn't anything else like it based on years of experience.  

Sam Freshman's book is good background material.  Gene Trowbridge's book is good too.  There are a handful of others, but the best education really comes from getting on the phone with an experienced syndicator and listening to them work with potential investors.  Over time you'll develop your own style and be able to work with investors and demonstrate your track record and how you add value.  

The Real Estate Guys have a great syndication seminar. It is a soup to nuts look at all of the people you will need on your team. I have gone multiple times and I still get something from it each time.

I think all the above is great.  I also think valuehound academy is really world class.

Take a listen of the interview I did of Gene Trowbridge for BP here for an overview:

Hey Joel,

I have not personally but have gotten to know a couple of his students personally and they have nothing but stellar reviews and outstanding results.  I have gotten to know Craig and I do plan to work with him this year.  I think @Karma Senge would agree Craig was instrumental in changing his trajectory in serious way.

With your experience and Craig's coaching I think you would knock it out of the park.

Thanks. I talked with him earlier this week on a call.

I have been getting lots of requests for passive investing. I asked Craig about DST's and TIC's because I was getting 2 sets of people to passively invest.

Those who were exchanging and those who had cash to deploy sitting around.

He said the DST's were way more involved and recommended working with them one on one to buy a property directly if possible versus syndicating for 1031. If there was a great deal and a large 1031 participant then it might make more sense to do syndicating.

Great feedback so far in this forum. I am attending Dave Lindahl's boot camp this weekend on syndications and apartment investing so I'll report back with feedback next week. 


@Michael Sjogren Can you get your money back still?   I am sorry to say I thought the pitch fest was woefully short on actionable information and they spent most of the time upselling the coaching.

If you can't get your money back I would focus on networking to the max and meet as many different people.

The event was extremely disappointing and I hope you get more out of it than I did.

PLEASE DO NOT sign up for their coaching.   I like Dave''s books but that is the last dime I will ever spend with his organization.

I have been to Lindahl's, Gene's, and the Real Estate Radio Guys, and Gene's gets my vote.  No upsell or sales pitch. All great information and great networking.  Gene had Jillian Sidoti, and Kim Taylor with him.  Bring a partner and it cost around $700 each with several meals included. All of the lawyers were at the meals for extended conversations.  Great value.  You can get the seminar for free if you use their firm for a syndication. 

 I do plan on going to Joel's and will report back.

Self promotion and disclaimer that we run a coaching and consulting program but, we provide excellent content on syndication on sundays during out three day multifamily investor conference.

 I actually signed up for @Joe Fairless education program a few months back. The price was very reasonable. I think I paid like 2500 up front and 250 or so a month for unlimited calls/emails.

It's geared towards multifamily. He shows you how to analyze a deal all the way up to how to close it. I haven't closed a multifamily deal yet (only been about 5 months), but we're moving forward. 

I recommend listening to one of the webinars Micheal Blank puts on.   Micheal breaks down everything into simple steps that non-business people can digest.   Micheal also has a series of other products - that are easy to use, affordable for people just starting out and complete to the point where with enough motivation you have everything you need to.

I have to admit - as a CPA and as an attendee of other real estate programs, Micheal Blanks's programs are the most bang for the buck.  Check him out!