How to structure 6 unit Commercial purchase?

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We've selected a 6 unit ~ 250k to put an offer on that most likely will be accepted.

We have 3 partners funding the down payment, the majority partner with over 60% of the money has the best credit > 800. 

The partner putting the deal together and doing the management going forward has the worst credit. Most likely will not be able to qualify for the loan on his own. 

What would be easier to get the loan? 

Should we just give the majority partner all the cash and have him apply for the commercial loan? 

We would then "buy in" to the LLC after closing.

I feel like having everyone else on he note would hurt the chances of getting the financing.

Sounds like you already know what you have to do to make that deal work, because when it comes to bank financing the rule is the least information given the better, the partner with the low fico could change your tier really quick

In reference to given the buyer the down payment money for the transaction I would put it in a shared account with multiple signers required..

just keep it simple and to the point with the bank

Good luck