Multi-Family Property LLC name?

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Im starting a new company with other investors involved.

We are brainstorming for company names. Buying mostly multi-family properties for buy and hold, rental.

Hoping some people on here can give ideas of good company names.

I.E. - I wish I would've named my company XYZ LLC, ect....


Hey @Mike Amedeo

Depend on the purpose, If the LLC purpose is to hold assets i would suggest to randomize the name as much as possible. You don't want anybody to look at the name and tell where is it came from, how many assests does it own, etc...

If the LLC is to flip house for example and doesn't own anything, pick a word that you would live for.

Welcome to BP!

Just a matter of preference.  I do agree with Huy - It shouldn't be something too personalized or specific to you if you are wishing to maintain some anonymity.  Fairly generic is fine, just check with your local secretary of state to make sure it is not taken or too close to another llc name in your area.