Material Selection - 11 unit building bathrooms and kitchens

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Property: 11 Units (5) 1b1b (6)2b1b

Rents: 1b1b - $450avg   2b1b - $550avg

Location: Lakewood, OH

Condition: 50% of the units are in need of major repair. Bathrooms have windows in the shower. Building is from 1923. 

How would should I approach a bathroom renovation? Complete bathroom redo or patch work. 

How would you order items to address, in terms of importance in a typical bathroom?

What materials make sense?

What is the most efficient use of money?



With refrence to windows in the shower.  I have been putting in Corian window sills when I have a window in the shower.  The first  apartment that we did this in was in an apartment house where the sills were totally disintegrated from the the shower water.  In addition, the area below the sill was all disintegrated   We replaced the  window sill with a fabricated Corian sill (a local place did that)  and we also put a broad  Corian apron below it to replace the tiles and wonder board that had disintegrated.

That worked out beautifully, both cosmetically and it was also water proofed in its future life.  I had this same issue again and also replaced the sill with a nice Bull nosed piece of corian that looked great and was completley water proof.  Try it you will be happy with it    

You probaby need complete new bathroom fixtures, new Vanity, new tile floor.  New everything in the bathroom.  1923 was a long time ago 

plan on a full gut down to studs.  if u are going to get into it,  do it right. same with kitchens.  everyone knows baths and kitchens are what people care about.  rooms are for sleeping 8 hrs and that's usually done at night. 

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