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Hello BP

I will start marketing 5-50 units

I have not seen many sample letters or postcards to target Multifamily Units. Do you know where I can find this information?

Also, when targeting multifamily units, do you send letters with company information or do you use a more informal method like just using your name as an individual nor a company

thanks for all your help

@Hector Perez I like to mix it up. 1 letter professional and the next handwritten, I would alternate between the 2. If you want to throw a postcard in there as well. 

You can always change single family wording to suite multifamily owners. ALWAYS PUT A CALL TO ACTION in there.

Thanks @John Cohen  

Do you know where i cant find some sample letters?

If not, i can start crating my own based on SFR marketing?

Take care

@Hector Perez I just made my own, based off of single family stuff. The personal touch sets you apart!

Thanks for the information and suggestions

Take care

@Hector Perez , @John Cohen .  I'm curious on what how you decided to market and the success you've seen.  I'm going to be starting to market 30+ unit properties.  
Would you be willing to share what has worked in your marketing.

@Chase Keller I mail and cold call! There is no magic letter I have, just have to be consistent with your direct mail and cold calling 

I call them it is generally pretty easy to see who is motivated who is not.

@Chase Keller

The direct mail marketing always works, just send it every 30 to 60 days. Save all the numbers and follow up every 30 days

I use the same message as the yellow letter, just with some minor modifications and I added the picture of me with my family

The letter goes something like this, change the message over time, same as what you do with single family, there is no magic formula just consistency

Dear Apartment Owner,

I am interested in buying your apartment

If you are considering selling your apartment for any reason, please call me at ??????

You will NOT be required to make any repairs because I will buy your property in “AS-IS” Condition, and you will NOT have to pay broker fees.

If this is of interest to you, then call ??????? today, I promise a fast response.

Best Regards,

Hector Perez

@Hector Perez thanks for sharing your letter format.  Any success to date with getting a deal from you direct mail marketing campaign?

Additionally, how are you finding apartment owners in the first place?  Did you purchase a list from some vendor? Drive around, find a building, and look-up the owner via local municipalities tax/real estate records?

Thanks in advance!


There is just a difference between a distressed sfh owner and 8+ unit investor. Maybe you can find a widowed owner? Good luck with the experiment.

@Andrew K.

Hello Andrew, yes the marketing worked, just have to mail your list regularly,

I pull the list from a local county or just use listsource as an alternative source

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