Looking for Charlotte, North Carolina small multifamily units

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I would like to speak with multifamily owners of 10 to 30 units that are motivated to sell in Charlotte, North Carolina. No brokers, has to be off market, no marketing. Please get in contact with me if you are a owner of these types of properties.

Account Closed Why are you insistent on it being off market and insistent on not talking to brokers. Even if you wanted an off market property, a commercial broker is the best chance you have of what you are looking for. They are going to have an extensive database with almost every commercial property in it with extensive notes on the property and the owners with details such as when owner x wants to sell and how much owner y is willing to let a property go for.

@Russell Brazil thanks for your comment, because of the info you discussed I'm mainly focusing on 5 to 20 units were I have more likelyhood of speaking directly to owners. I realize larger apartments will have either a broker or consultant representing the seller which I understand. So as of right now I like the process of 5 to 20 units but have plans of speaking to brokers if I want info on larger projects.