Real estate lawyer or CPA in San Antonio/Tx

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Hi, my colleague and I are thinking of investing together and purchasing multi-families in the San Antonio area.

We need a good recommendation for finding a real estate attorney to help us start up our LLC. We want to keep our personally assets/liabilities out of this. Can anyone make a recommendation?

Also, what about areas in SA that are safe and up and coming neighborhoods in SA? I grew up in the area but moved away at 18. My father has some buy and holds on the Far west 151/culebra area, but hard to get good cashflow with those newer homes. I really like multi family but SF is an option too. We both work full time, but want to set up options for passive income flow.

Any SA investors on here that can lead us in the right direction? I heard Down town areas are hot right now!


@Alexandra E Aponte My recommendation would be to talk to a CPA first and understand the tax side of partnerships and entity usage, then go to an attorney to understand the liability side and have them help you set everything up.

Attorneys need to be local (or licensed in your state) but CPAs don't. I'd suggest seeking out a CPA that speacializes in real estate and invests in real estate themselves. That may not be your local guy. Today's technology allows for seamless collaboration with clients and many of us have clients all over the US and world.

If you are set on using someone local, contact a local REIA and ask for recommendations or contact your state board as they are usually more than willing to help.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have questions!

Hello, I am in the same boat and just getting started in investing in S.A. Did you ever find any good referrals? I am looking at getting a owner finance property somewhere in North East San Antonio. Thank you.