Resources To Use When Analyzing a New Market For Multi-Family

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I'm in need of some unbiased market research data that I can use to make educated recommendations to my primary client as to which market in the mid-west they should look towards investing in the multi-family sector. Specifically Kansas City MO, Tulsa OK, and Northwest Arkansas. Does anyone have good recommendations/techniques that they have used in the past to analyze a new market? 

I've considered reaching out to appraisers, top brokers, and other sources in the areas. However, before I invest my time and resources into the data hunt I hope to hear any success stories others have had researching new markets first.

Thanks for any and all feedback!

Originally posted by @Robert Gandy :

@Andrew Doolittle you can use to get detailed statistical information on zip codes/markets. Additionally, zillow and trulia have a lot information on city stats regarding market value, crime, etc. 

 Thanks Robert - looks like it covers just about everything I'll need to get started analyzing. Appreciate your help!

Hey there! I've been doing the same thing.

I found this to be very helpful showing the cap rates for different investment classes, markets, and major cities.

I also look at these 2 sites...