Looking for a strong property manager in north Sacramento area.

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I just wanted to ask the community if anyone  knows of a strong property manager in the Sacramento area.... I have a deal in north Sacramento that i can't pass up yet it needs a good manager to make it a success... This is a challenged area and If anyone out there has experience in this part of Sacramento, your help in finding a reliable manager would be appreciated...Thanks in Advance,


Hello there. PM me and I can send you one I'm using. I interviewed several and their customers and decided to go with these guys.

I would suggest going on NARPM.ORG they are a great organization and the PM companies on there are very good and professional. 

Below are a good set of questions to ask to see how professional the company is, If they cannot answer these questions then you may want to keep looking

Questions to Ask prospective management companies

  • What are your average days on market for vacant homes?
  • What is your average rent amount for all properties managed?
  • What is your average work order cost for the owner?
  • What is your average make ready cost for the owner?
  • Are all my invoices uploaded to my owner portal?
  • How do you advertise your vacant units?
  • Do I receive video of my pre and post make ready?
  • Do you have a setup fee?
  • Do you upcharge on maintenance?
  • When do you make owner payments? How often?
  • Are you a Certified Property Manager?
  • Are you a member of NARPM?
  • What is your Guarantee?
  • Do you provide move in and move out reports
  • How many pictures do you take of the property prior to tenant moves in and after the tenant moves out
  • Do you get weekly reports when the property is vacant what prospective tenants are saying about your home
  • Do you provide monthly newsletters to your tenants
  • Do you hold investor education classes to help me become a better investor
  • Do you have single point portfolio based management services?
  • How many properties do the owners actually own themselves?
  • What do you do to ensure that the tenant is responsible for security deposit disputes since that is the largest reason for owner lawsuits
  • How familiar are you with the newly changed laws that can affect you the owner if they are not used correctly?