Hawaii MultiUnit / Commercial Residential Investors in Hawaii

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Question for Hawaii investors. Anyone here specialize in the Apartment building or MultiUnit (Commercial Residential) market on Oahu Hawaii? (4+ unit commercial residential). 

Im looking to connect with fellow investors interested in this space or that have done some deals in this space. 

@Ty Robinson

They can be very expensive. I've been looking to live in a fourplex and utilize my VA loan, but I just bought another condo and am locked into this place for a year.

Let me know if I can assist you in any way. 

Howzit @Ty Robinson I am new too. Just want to jump in REI by acquiring a 4 plex using the FHA loan and house hacking. Been looking on the MLS and through realtor.com.

Anybody have an idea when trying to get the FHA loan, what should I do to prepare myself for? I do understand the a minimum of 600 FICO score, live in one of the units for a year, but I've been reading that your income isn't really important because it will be a income generating property. On the other hand, I also read that you would still need some capital other than the 3.5% that I would have to put down. Can someone please help to clarify?