For multiplex properties how is Dallas area?

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DFW metro as a whole has 215 available on mls ranging from 179k-1.3m.  There are a few available on Loopnet that are not listed on the mls.  64 of the 215 are actual triplex, four plex or apartment/plex with more than 5 units.  As for zip will really depend on what you goal is.  Some zips have higher rental rates while others have long-term tenants. Let me know if there is anything I can assist you with or set up a search portal.

Dawn, thanks a lot for responding! How are the vacancy rate usually? or does that vary greatly based on the area and zip? My goal is to invest in properties that meet the rent to purchase price of 1% ratio and have not more than 10% annual vacancy rate across the 4-plex total