Commercial lender brokers and Property managers in Cincinnati,OH?

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Hello, I need to find a good Property manager in the city of Cincinnati,OH with good record managing apartments building from 10 units to 50 units. I also need to get in touch with a Commercial lender broker in the same city and /or near .

@Joe Fairless is a great start for the property management. 

The commercial lender you want depends a lot on the scenario. If you're "bankable", and looking for just one loan in the next couple years, anyone can do it, you're just shopping price and convenience. If there are other. circumstances or more deals in the future, look for a lender with experience as a real estate investor. They will understand your perspective much better than someone who only does loans.

@Rafael Gutierrez what size loans will you be looking for? That depends where you should go. Under $1m will be the small banks and credit unions. Over $1m the large regional banks and and mortgage bankers (who lend for CMBS, Agency, and life insurance companies) would be a good place to start.

Hello, to all my BP fellows . Thanks, for your response to my requests. To Derek Carroll I am looking for financing under 1 million, at this point. Still, interested in finding good Property Managers, which I think is one of the most important factor in investing for any out of state investor.

Hello Rafael,

I can recommend a good property manager for Cincinnati. Additionally, since we are wholesalers, perhaps we could discuss your acquisition parameters as well. Please send me a private message and we can discuss these items.



as @Theo Hicks stated above, @Jon Gluckman is beyond excellent. 

Jon is a mortgage banker at "one of the big boys" but he has a wide variety of loan products that he can offer real estate investors. Obviously he can handle the huge loans, but believe it or not, he (and his bank) are very interested in the small loans also. 

Jon handled my 38 unit complex loan, beginning to end. He is easy to talk to, but has the business acumen of an accountant. He pays attention to the details. A rarity in modern times.