in core urban infill locations within the top 25 MSAs?

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I think that he is looking for an analysis of redevelopment areas in the top 25 growing cities of America.  IE He wants to know which areas are being redeveloped and into what type of developments in the most highly populated cities.  As an example, in Boston, the old monastery St. Gabriel's of Brighton was purchased and the developers "plan" to build affordable housing for the very large student population.  Affordable probably just means small apartments made for students and not families.

You can also look for the master plan by city/town/neighborhood.

Hi Brian I may be able to add a little to what @Andrew Kazakoff has posted. MSA stands for Metropolitan Statistical Area, it is essentially the area around a city that is effected by socially and economically by its relationship to that city. Here is a list of the largest MSA's in the us from wiki based on 2014 population

If you and your investor are looking for infill areas that have already been developed you can look in the cities CAFR, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, this has mostly info about the balance sheet for the local government, has a summary section in the beginning that talks alot about the major developments in the city. If you are looking for infill projects to target you are better off looking at the city planning department and finding the city master plan. There also maybe master plans for certain neighborhoods or each neighborhood in the whole city. This will show areas that are open for development along with a target for what the city wants to see there, which can help to determine development strategy. You can also look for what is called a form based code and a good indicator of development, few cities have these, but they tend to bring about big change.

I hope this helps, I tend to delve into this stuff on a daily basis because I work in Urban Planning and Urban Design. It can be a little tough to navigate at first, but once you read/breeze over a few master plans and CAFR's you'll begin to know what you are looking for. Let me know if there are any other questions I can help you with.

@Bryan Thompson   master plans are at city or county planning offices and now a days with computers and data bases you can usually get them right on the computer if you know how to use it correctly.. ( which for me is always a challenge and I hire peoples to do that  LOL )

Who can I hire to research these things I'm assuming there are people who specialize in researching for your business? What are there titles not to sound silly or anything?