Multifamily PEAK coming to fruition?

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Deals are out there. You have to search constantly. Off market is where I am finding the deals.

The other buyers only know how to look on market so when it comes on there are a lot of eyeballs looking at it and competing for it which drives the cap down and the pricing up.

Sellers often wonder if they have a flaky buyer or the real deal. Many do not like the process of selling and all of that. If you can make it easy on them with a strong buyer where they can avoid the typical marketing and selling process they are more likely to give a deal  for surety of close and less hassle.

I just finished a Dave Lindahl book on Emerging Real Estate Markets where he talks about many of these things. The book takes a local perspective and shows how housing prices cycle up and down in a given city based on economic changes. 

Though I'm not an expert myself on markets, my understanding is that Dave and his students continued to see success even in the national downturn in 2008-2012 through applying that understanding.

Has anyone else read Emerging Real Estate Markets by Dave Lindahl?

Lots of good points on this thread.  Enjoyable read.  The problem with bubble predicting is getting the timing right.  It's easy to spot, just not so easy to time.   I remember right before oil collapsed in 2008 you could easily be hired as  a Landman making $500/day with absolutely zero experience.  Now that was a bubble clue for sure.  Bubbles are fascinating.