Anybody use laundry soap vending machines?

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I'm considering adding a laundry soap/softener vending machine next to my coin op laundry. the building is 11 units. People are averaging 50 washer loads, 50 dryer loads per month. To get the vending machine and the products is about $550. Doesn't sound like a big revenue generator, eh?

I would imagine the vendor trying to sell you the machine would have referrals to other clients.  I'd ask some others with similar sized buildings.

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@Eric Hathway ,

Having vending machine limits the number of selections you can offer. Unless you're consistently finding product packaging in the refuse you can use to gauge consumer preferences, it might be only a marginal idea.

Maybe consider posting a survey in the laundry room asking for the tenants' feedback: "Would you find a laundry detergent vending machine helpful?"  ...

My $0.02...

David J Dachtera

@Eric Hathway , I love David's idea about posting a survey. I know on the few occasions I'm at the laundromat, I have nothing to do with my time. I'd happily take a survey. Make sure to leave a pen attached to the sheet.