Multi Family Property Management in Nampa Idaho (or Boise)

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Hello all,

I am looking for a solid property management company in the Nampa, ID. My property there is 20+ units. Does anybody have a property management company that they would recommend? I have a couple in mind to start interviewing, but if anybody has had a positive experience with a company in Nampa/Boise area, I would love to hear about it!

I asked my colleagues that have experience with property management in the Boise area and they recommended Deric at Idahome Property Management,  American Property Management, Andy Haskell, and Chelsea Hough at Cheslea Real Estate. I would post more info but my last post was deleted due to including a link, but if you google them you should be able find all their contact info. Hope that helps!

get in touch with a few commercial lenders/brokers in the area. They know all the PMs and they see the financials of every property transacted so they can tell you who runs a tight ship and who's not. 

@Matt Kvalheim. I use Allstar Property Management in Nampa for all my rentals and they do a great job.  Not sure if they manage 20+ units. Could be a good place to call. 

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