FUNDING Needed for Duplex in Atlanta

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Hello All, 

I am getting into my first multi family duplex an triplex properties. I have identified properties and ready to buy however I am looking for a 10% down payment option. Talked to big banks they all want 25% down payment. 

Any advice how to get funding with 10% down payment on multi family property?

My price range is 130-150K

Hey @Alex Babayev .  Congrats on getting into your first multi family deal.  I'm not aware of many big banks that will fund this at 10% down.  I would suggest contacting some local private lenders.  Their terms are often flexible depending on the property.

Send me a DM.  I may know a few that might consider it.

Buy as owner occupant, move in for a year and then rent out your side as well

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@Alex Babayev Congrats! look at what @Michaela G. said. thats what I am doing as we speak! I got 0% down though im a little different. but with a FHA loan you can do 5%(dont quote me on that cuz it might be 3.5% or 10%) but i know its lower. Are you able to do that?

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