Third Party Property Management

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I just went under contract with 52 units in the Frankenmuth/Saginaw, Michigan area. Can anyone recommend reliable and efficient property management companies?



@Steve Lyman congrats on getting the property under contract. 

I'd start with your lender. They know many of the PMs in the area and can tell you for the most part, who does well and who doesn't. 

First off, congrats!

No specific PM recommendations, but as just because others think a company is reliable and efficient, doesn't mean you will think the same. Be clear on your standards and definitions for "reliable and efficient" and then find 3-5 to interview and check their references.

I would also check to see who's managing other properties near your possible acquisition. These companies should be familiar with the tenant types, demographics, and local rental market. 

I am looking for good property management in the Saginaw area. This is particularly important for me since i live in NYC. I am poised to buy four SF's. Any insight will help.

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Try to Google property management Saginaw MI.  You should find someone there. 

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I offers exactly what you are looking for but I self promote in the forum. 

Best  place to look is You can look by state and area

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