Where to find decent small size multi-family deals?

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Hello BP,

I want to get into small multi family units (4-10) and I was hoping to get pointed in the right direction to where I might be able to find some reasonable deals.

The local market is very crazy right now so all the public source websites have almost 2x $ per square foot than SFR. I also have read those are usually the Junkers. I know local REIA would be a good place (waiting on next meet up). Should I reach out to a broker or are they just going to think of me as a tire kicker also?

Would using a public search website and letter writing some owners work (wholesaleish but for myself)?

What should a newbie do in a hot market to try and find something reasonable?


I have 3 such properties in Florida and 4 in Chicago. All off market. Contact me for more details. 

@Michael Randle What do you consider a "reasonable deal"?  Message me, I might have something you're interested in.

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