Rezoning from Single Family to Duplex

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It is very location specific. Try to find a city zoning map and see if the property is near multi-family homes. If you try to do it in the middle of a single family residential area, you'll probably have neighbors fighting the change. If it is near multi-family zoned homes, and those homes have not created problems, you stand a better chance. 

Locally, home owners using their investment property for airbnb have created problems for neighbors who become very vocal about accepting anything that might make the situation worse.

Take a look at other homes on the same block. Are there any duplexes around? If yes, then you're good. If not, then you have to contact the City. Difficulty of approval depends on the location.

@Account Closed I would read into the local rules on Accessory Dwelling Units it may not be exactly your goal but a lot of cities with housing shortages allow ADUs aka In-law units to help alleviate housing shortages.