Looking for seasoned multi family investor

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Does anyone know any big time multifamily investors in IL?

Doesn't need to be Chicago - just any part of IL.

Really looking to find someone that I can learn from and will be comfortable with me helping them out on the side at no cost.

I have a strong marketing background which can definitely be an asset to anyone investing in real estate.

Thank you!

I'm from Texas but most "big time" investors won't need your help. I know you're trying to offer value in return for knowledge and that's great but most of the larger guys don't need or have time for this type of arrangement.

I would start buy trying to connect directly with someone and offer to buy them lunch and work on developing a relationship first. 

I would not be real happy with having someone I know giving you the hook up with me.  Do some homework on this site and make your own connections, you'll likely have much better luck this way. 

Just my opinion. 

@Jacob Elbaum - If you want to put your name on the map... Do this:

1) Bring the big guys deals and don't be greedy asking for a 5% fee like everybody else does.


2) Become proficient at underwriting and offer to help that way

All big guys are looking for deals and I don't know anyone who couldn't use help with tedious number crunching.

Will these strategies take time? Of course...

But these 2 are the ones that will move the needle at the end of the day.

Howdy @Jacob Elbaum

Have you tried searching for local REI clubs and meet-up groups. That is a great source of information and networking opportunities.

Use the BP Menu then click on search members. It will give you a list of members near you. You can also click on Networking from the Menu . You can search a zip code or city to find REI clubs and Meet-up groups.

Good luck.

@Jacob Elbaum learning the Real Estate Jargon goes a long way, however, understanding how to put the numbers together gets you even closer to the action. Check out Kevin's blog. "

My First Investment Property, Part 1: Understand the Numbers

Once you read that head on over to the BiggerPockets Podcast and listen to Podcast 220. I hope this helps. All the best Jacob!