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My partner and I want to start investing in multi-family homes. We were looking to buy and sell, and possibly rent them out. He seems to be very confident in knowing how to close deals with them. I'm just not as experienced due to me being new to real estate investing. He mentioned looking in York, Pa and Hanover, Pa. How do i find out if the market there is good and going to grow in the future?

@Nathaniel Jee Hoon Weber

Are you talking about flipping when you say "looking to buy and sell?"  

Study each town's economic growth: new home construction, revitalization efforts, new school campuses being built or planned for, new businesses coming to town, etc.  

Do these towns attract people who want to live in multi-family settings?

Learn and know the towns to determine their paths of progress.

@Eric Anderson  

Yes, i meant flipping, sorry about that. And what are some good ways to learn more about the towns economic growth? Thanks for your input!

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