accredited investor process

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@Connor O'Brien , series 7, 65 and 82 license holders are all now able to qualify as accredited.  I have not personally looked into any of the above, but have spoken to some that have.  I think for many, it is a hoop not worth jumping through, especially when 506b offerings are able to accept up to 35 sophisticated investors, anyways.  

I would also advise anyone looking to obtain a license simply to qualify as accredited to also consider the on-going cost of maintaining their license.  Depending on the amount of capital you are able to deploy into private offerings, you may be eating up a significant part of your overall return in licensure costs.  

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Thank you for this - I will check out your podcast for sure.

My goal is to a part of a GP for the time being so that in the next couple years and I can be eligible for out of state Fannie or Freddie debt on my own. I have all criteria necessary except for the MF experience. 

Look at being a Key Principal for an investment with a group you trust. This is where you sign on a non-recourse loan for balance sheet and/or liquidity purposes.