Document to keep from getting back doored on a deal?

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Recently I have been making alot of connections with some big buyers looking to purchase multi-family properties. I also have made connections with different seller reps looking to sell these type of properties. Whenever I show the potential deal with my buyers, they usually request a conference. Is there some type of agreement or document to prevent the seller from sending other deals to my buyer or doing the deal without me after having them speaking on a conference call? I dont want them exchanging contact info and me get excluded? Any help is appreciated.

Are you an agent?  Do you have an exclusive buyers agent agreement with your buyers?   While real estate agents (buyer's agent) can negotiate exclusivity on a deal-by-deal basis, I cannot imagine an investor signing an exclusivity for multiple properties or a market. 


If you want your buyers to use your services repeatedly, then you need to demonstrate you add value they cannot achieve without your services.

dog eat dog in the commercial world U don't have your fee's negotiated in writing up front your going to get cut out every single time.

you need a real estate license first and foremost to try to do this without it is crazy stupid.. and a waste of time. .once you have that.. you get buyers brokers fee arrangements.. many sellers will only pay one side and you need to collect from you buyer.. ..

and if you don't have the fee agreement in the purchase contract your going to get cut out for darn sure if you expecting the seller to pay you..

this is not wholesaling homes.. this is big boy big money deals with guys that will just spit you out if you don't protect your self.