Can anyone recommend a good turn key company?

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I would like to explore purchasing my next unit from a TK company, and I am leery of companies without having a solid recommendation.  Let me know if anyone can recommend a company to me.

Greatly Appreciated


@Salvador Aldrett

As much as I advocate for "simple" I really try to find the minimal effective dose to maximize returns with minimal effort. This is an option for some who are really really short on time... but if you are I would question what you are doing with your time (maybe you should buckle down at your day job and pony up for a 50K+ passive investment with way more returns). For those people SAVING less than 30K per year... rentals or turnkey rentals are the way to go at least until you have a good knowledge and cashflow base of a couple thousand every month.

Thanks to all that have helped me.  

@Lane Kawaoka thanks for your advice, i have a follow up question, i am going for TK's because i live outside the US.  Could you advice on alternative ways to invest in real estate in the US without using TK's?

Also, i am not sure i understood completely your posting, are TKs not a good option? can you share any other ideas?

Thanks greatly appreciated