Property Inspection for Apt Building

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Hi Everyone, I currently own a few SFR but I am looking to branch out and buy a commercial property. Somewhere between 6 and 30 units. My question is when it's time for a property inspection, how would I go about it? I feel that it's probably more involved than using a typical property inspector who generally deal with SFR. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Most SFR home inspectors will perform the same service for multi-unit properties with an additional cost per unit or square foot or similar.

Another option would be to have an engineering firm do the inspection but costs for that can be pretty steep and generally are not necessary unless you are looking at an extremely large or otherwise complicated structure.

You can hire an inspector to do an inspection. Usually they will inspect a portion of the units if it is over 10units and then look at mechanicals, roof, structure, exterior, etc. I also suggest a bug inspection and a sewer line inspection. 

The other thing you should do is have the management company you picked out(if you're using one) walk all the units with you and the rest of the building.