Estimated Cost to Convert a 2-Family into a 3-Family home in NYC

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Hello Everyone, 

I am looking at a property in Queens, NY that has the potential to be converted from a 2-Family Home into a 3-Family home by converting the basement into a legal dwelling. Basement has 2 entrances (Front and Back) and is half way above curb. 

What would be the estimated cost in getting a new certificate of occupancy? 

Hey @Isai Turcios the price will differ based on location and property. If you want an exact estimate the person you would want to contact is an Architect. Along with getting a new c/o there will be filing fees involved with the DOB and any possible permits the contractor may have to pull. Good luck with the conversion !

I was checking around about 12 or so years ago, and estimates I got at the time range from $12K to 15K. Could run more as I already have a full bath and plumbing for kitchen. 

The problem in my area is getting a variance. I also owned a 3 family that was originally built as a 2 family. According to people I talk to, 2 families are built to a different standard than 3, chief differences include a cement wall surrounding the furnace room and fire escapes.

I suggest you check first if a variance is needed before preparing plans. Around here, variances require public hearings, and the zoning board never approved any due to the opposition of the local homeowners association.