Motivated Seller leads - Cold Calling or SCRIPTS for 'Tired LandL

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I'm trying to create call scripts for motivated seller leads --small and midsize apartments.  

Does anyone normally cold call or take calls from mailers direct to -Out of state Landlords -Tired Landlords etc?

We're looking for a decent script (that works)

We're targeting

1. OOS LL out of state landlords

2.  Distressed Properties - lists from driving for dollars, assistants finding on public records etc

3.  Owners who have 100% equity in small apartments 2-8 units

4. Apartments 2-4 and 5-40 units.

5.  Targeting 5-40 unit apartments that have been owned by the same entity for 15+ years

I assume the script for SFR-4 units would be much different than a 40 unit :)

I was wondering if buyers normally say they're just a 'direct buyer' similar to 'we buy houses' SFR leads, or would it make more sense to go the more sophisticated route and say we're an acquisition company?

I would talk like yourself. You are interested in buying there property and the one you're calling on may meet the criteria. 

The thing is for the initial set up I don't call myself.  I have assistants and interns who call to set up and prescreen.  I have lists of thousands to go through to find decent leads.  There's a lot of tire kickers and disconnected numbers to go through ;-)