God definitely has plans for you, you just might not be aware of it. A couple of years ago I sent an email to billionaire Ken Fisher, seeking advice, and got schooled, to say the least.

Why a blessing is disguise? Well, keep reading.

"Where is the value you are providing? With all the books you have read, there is no excuse not to get ahead. The problem is that you don't seem to listen and understand as you you are so self-centered. "

That day changed everything. Didn't sleep. Still remember that day so vividly. You start looking around and understanding that it is true. 

The problem of people not getting ahead is because they are not listening to the needs of others, and not focusing their best efforts to truly helping others. Facebook is so much more important? Talking about yourselves without listening to the people around you? Are you ungrateful for the good things in your Life?

From the day you start thinking of others first, and actually figuring out a way to help, you start to matter, because one of these days will actually be your last. How would you like to be remembered? "In here lies someone that only thought about himself?Seriously? 

That day i promised to make a difference. As of now i am personally funding 7 retail locations where 1750 people can be fed everyday. 

Next year we will reach 3,000 more just in Portugal.

The second part of the plan is housing. While i am alive we will provide housing for 160,000 people. 160,000 units. That's the plan and why the BiggerPockets thing, the Podcast and reaching out to all experienced real estate investors came about.

Feeling blessed for that advice.

Be well, nothing else pays.