Monetized Installment sale

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Just heard about this today  from my tax advisor. It's a new one on me, and I'm still trying to get my head around it. Anyone have any input as to pros and cons? Your experience with this?

bumping due to no replies...
I am having this proposed as an alternative to a 1031 exchange with boot. The official title of this is a M453, I believe.

Its a valid method. If you have concerns, hire a tax attorney to write an opinion letter. I know several who have looked at this and have advised clients on their transaction.

Jean, I've been involved with a team that does these transactions for real estate.  It's a turnkey system with everything in place (dealer, lender, etc.) that can do everything quickly, so we're even able to solve the problem of failed 1031 exchanges.  Some national title companies are also working with us, and you can bet they did their due diligence before they signed on.  I'm happy to introduce you to the right people if you're still interested.

@Jean Bolger

Jean: Did you end up going through with the monetized installment sale? How was your experience?  I recently stumbled upon a simplified version that achieves the same outcome. Let me know if you'd like me to elaborate.

@Tyler Kastelberg Would you be able to elaborate of your experience? If not on the forum you can shoot me a PM.

@Tyler Kastelberg   Looking into doing a MIS also.  Can you elaborate on what you stumbled upon?


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