Local meet up - Philadelphia Area

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Myself and a couple other syndicators are trying to get a local meetup together in the Philly/Bucks County, PA area. Is anyone local and interested to meet up to discuss large multi family syndication?

Great @Andrew Beauchemin

I have some other people interested as well from other sites.

We can all communicate via email to pick a time and place.

@David Mitro , I am interested and will bring along my 2 partners.

We just put a 158 unit under contract.

I'm interested.

@Andrew K.

Look forward to meeting you.

Can you message me your email?

@Regent Crisostomo please message me your email address.

Everyone else that expressed interest already, I created a Facebook group to communicate going forward and I emailed information regarding our first meet up.

I am interested as well. I will message you my email address.

@David Mitro I’m also interested. I’m a very active investor in the lower bucks area.


Meet up group focusing on large multi family syndication in the Philadelphia area.

We meet the second Monday of every month.

If anyone is local and wants to attend, contact me.

Where are you meeting? I am interested in attending.

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