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Dear Members,

I am in the process of creating my spreadsheets with the various expenses, income and formulas for cap rate, NOI etc.,

Just wondering this is already present somewhere in the site? and don't want to re-invent the wheel, If you know or can you share the spreadsheets to track and analyze rental properties, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have seen the BP calculators, but Iam looking more for me to track it in spreadsheets.



There are a ton of spreadsheets available on BP. I’m sure you can find relevant ones. For me i looked at a bunch and then found that I preferred to create my own. Im focused on commercial real estate so that was one reason to create my own. Plus it helped me learn the concepts and formulas by creating the formulas and sheets myself. I’m still tweaking but the process helped me learn a lot ! Thanks BP!

@SURESH KANNAN : go to Tools -> File Place, and you'll find more than you ever wanted.

I personally don't use anyone else's spreadsheets, but I like to steal a bunch of ideas from many of them. The challenge with re-using other people's spreadsheet is that you have to adopt their mental model of how to layout information, and also how to show what's important.

For instance, I like to optimize for data-entry, and I want to know what numbers they gave me vs what I think they should be, so I have sections for "Marketing data" and a separate section for "adjustments" to that data. But everyone has slight variations on how they think about and decompose a problem, so you'll see a lot of people roll their own.

That said, I like the visualizations that come with the BP calculators (not spreadsheet), although I don't personally use them for deal analysis.

Hope that helps!


@SURESH KANNAN there is the BP files place to dig through and I'm sure there is some gold there but keep in mind that there are a lot of "I did this thing, can you see if I got it right?" Type if files there. 

Another alternative is the Michael Blank's syndication analyzer that he is selling on his website. I heard lots of good things about it (never used it myself though). 

Regardless of where you get your spreadsheet, it's critical to understand the underlying equations and assumptions because some properties behave outside the norm and have attributes that will make the assumptions irrelevant at best and dead wrong at worst. 

Think of a 20 units property that sits on 30 acres of green landscape. The grounds maintenance would be significantly more expensive than a 100 units property that sits on 3.5 acres. 

@SURESH KANNAN it's out there but I strongly believe it's better to figure out how to model your own so that you get "finger tip feel" for how the numbers work and relate to each other. It will aid you in spotting an "actual deal!"  Also, use broker OM's (lots of them) to help sharpen your model.  #repitition! 

OK, Got it. Great advice and that is in alignment with how I learn and take notes, and totally believe in the power of writing things down to grasp the concepts.

@James Kojo , I have made some calculators based on the formulas I found from BP and else where, you are totally right, I am looking to get all the different pieces like all the various expenses and how mucg to estimate and put it together in a format, that will be convenient for me to use. Thank you

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