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Hello! My name is April and I am a new commercial investor in Orange County, CA. I would love to get some suggestions on creative marketing to obtain off market deal for 5-20 multi-unit apartments in Southern California. I hear a lot about direct mailing "I buy property for cash" but that just does not seem to fit for commercial property owners since the value is so steeper than residential. 

Hi @April Chim ,

Direct mail is still very effective for 5-20 unit properties. We do a ton of it. Your message will likely have to change but it still works. 



hello April

I use postcards as direct mail and it works. Basically is something like “I am an investor in ABC area, im looking to buy XYZ, if you are interested in selling your property at 123 main st i can give you an offer” or something like that. 

As an investor works. I see you are an agent, im not sure if you would want to use that approach as an agent.



Knock on doors to find ou the owners of the CRE
Ppty Mgers
Use CoStar

Have you tried going to some meetups, specific wholesale meetups, in the OC or any surrounding areas? You can probably pick up some good advice there. Talk to @Joe Homs , he has a wholesale meetup that focuses on residential property in OC, but you might be able to transfer some of the concepts to commercial.

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