Accepted offer on side by side duplex with foundation Cracks

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So I received an accepted offer on a duplex and had the inspection done today. The inspection showed two horizontal cracks about 1/8 inch wide and bowing in about 1 inch. The inspector was very detailed and found a few other items and radon levels just above the recommended EPA guide lines. I'm worried because I know the foundation repair can be expensive and lower the property value. Also having a radon system installed would be a must. I am considering backing away from the deal which is tough since I have been looking for two years now. My next step is to have the crack checked by an masonry contractor and look into having the sellers pay for the correction. Just feel like I may be getting in over my head. 

The home was build in 1978 and one side is in pretty good shape and the other needs a good amount of TLC. The roof is newer, Furnaces and water heaters are newer. Thoughts?

If you have been looking for 2 years, you probably do not have realistic expectations for property conditions.

In the last 4 months there have been 2 side by side duplexes to hit the market. There are few available in our market and with in the last year prices have increased 15% because of this. Are you acquainted with my area? I have found properties but all are far over priced. Please give me something constructive if you wish to reply. 

@Luke C. ,Can you share photos of the foundation cracks and inspection report? Typically concrete cracks are considered to be hairline up to 1/8" width and considered negligible. I'm concerned about the "bowing" of 1 inches.. First of all, I'm not quite sure what you meant by that.. but if part of the concrete foundation has cracked and rotated in-plane to the basemat, that's a red flag for me. I would either get a structural engineer or foundation GC out there for a quote and let the seller and the agent know that THEY have a problem..

Here are some pictures. i am in the process of getting in touch with a foundation GC. Thank you for your thoughts.

Thanks for the photos @Luke C. . Now I understand what you meant by bowing. You have an out-of-plane bending in the CMU-wall. I don't see any cracks propagating in the walls but I would be concerned. You most likely have a lateral load applied perpendicular to the CMU, perhaps by expansive soil?,  which is causing the wall to deflect. Your repair should look something like this. 

Photo from OhioBasementAuthority.

@Luke C. A masonry contractor? A foundation GC? These are simple two phrases of the reason why it took you two years to find a property, and are now looking to back out. What makes you think the seller will carry the foundation fix? I don’t think you have enough bullets of knowledge to start investing.

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