How to go about finding a wholesaler

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Anyone has suggestions on how to find good wholesalers in my area that has been in the wholesaling business for a while?

Hi @April Chim

Throw a rock, you'll hit 50 in this market :-)

Seriously, you can use BP to start the search but the best way I have found is through networking with other investors. Find the nearest REIA to you and start talking to people. That's how I have made the best contacts in this business.

Good luck!

Great question. I would Google your area and REIA clubs and then attend as many as you can. At every real estate investment club there are at least 5 wholesalers to chat with.

@April Chim I've been wondering the same thing. I'm originally from the Orange County area and have been in DC for 5 years, I'm ready to move back home but I can't find any Wholesale or properties in need of rehabilitation that will allow me to get back to the Irvine/Newport Beach area at a decent price. I go to OC one week a month for work and I'm only seeing overpriced deals in the nice areas of South OC, and market rate or just above market rate in areas like Westminster, and Santa Ana, these use to be the go-to cheaper neighborhoods. I'm getting so frustrated I joked with a friend about funding a Wholesalers marketing campaign just to get a property in the Irvine/Newport area since that would be cheaper than paying above market rate.

@April Chim there are four great local REIA groups in your area on Meetup that you can find. Go there introduce yourself and find what you need. Most do not charge and are very low key.

Good Investing.

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