Where are all the women?

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In doing online research for passive income investing options, I've noticed something very curious: there are very few women that show up on the "our team" pages for syndicators and private equity groups. This completely perplexes me. Why aren't there more women in the field? 

I'm asking this from a place of genuine curiosity. Please, no bashing of men (or women!). Thanks.

Real estate is like finance, I'd guess it's 80-20.     Stereo typically, those jobs are very lucrative, but require long hours and limited flexibility,  and again stereo typically that's not what women want in their 30-40's  when they are raising kids and focused on their family,  most prefer less stress  and more flexibility.      Again, completely generalizing here, but rationally that's why IMO, because women are getting graduate degrees and certifications at nearly  the same rate as men, so it's not a question of education or capacity, but merely preference. 

I would love to see more women in real estate,  but even in 2017 there's still stuff we have to deal with, assumptions and stereotypes,etc.. takes thick skin.  I always tell my partner, there are no feelings in business! 

Agreed! It's harder for us gals to balance it all out. I work full time as a teacher and am a single Mom to a 12 yr old. I also hold a RE license. It's been a huge sacrifice in time and $ to invest in RE- which I do. I rent out 4 doors and am looking for my next deal. I'm in it for the future for me and my child. Let's go ladies!

I have three women on my team that are key to our business.  You can PM me and I will provide their email addresses to hear their story directly from them.

@Account Closed Interesting question. Does this sway whether or not you would invest with a sponsor?

My wife is my partner and she and I have talked about it as well. I don't know the answer, but there seems to be an opportunity for more women.

On a related note, I had someone in commercial banking tell me "minorities make up less than 0.0001% of any position in large commercial real estate banking." Those opportunities seem to rarely come to those who aren't already connected, especially if you're not accredited. It's part of the reason we decided to take the approach we did with bringing others into our deals. 

@Linda D. Those are helpful reflections. If I had babies when I was younger, I know that my own career choices would have been different. 

80-20 is a rough ratio. Generally speaking, I feel most comfortable in situations where the ratio is no more skewed than 60-40. And if I had to pick, I'd choose an industry that was 80% men over 80% women, but that's just me.

@Jeff Greenberg , thanks for letting me know about the women on your team. I'd love to see them on your "About Us" page. When I don't see women featured on the site of a business I don't know anything about, I've been making assumptions that they are not key members. 

@John Casmon , I value competence and integrity first and foremost, regardless of gender. But do I lean in more when I see women and minorities on sponsor teams? Admittedly, yes. 

It's refreshing to see you and your wife stepping up. I'm a strong believer in the idea that diversity enables greater industry excellence. When you can draw from the broadest group possible and create opportunities for legitimate competition, you create conditions for the best to succeed. That raises the level of the game for everyone and creates more value for customers, etc.