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Does anyone have any suggestions for online rent payment sites  / systems?        Time for me to transition away from going to the PO box to pick up checks - haha.    I haven't even begun to research any yet, thought I would start here.  Maybe there is one that most landlords use, and that tenant's are most familiar with.   I'm hoping to get as close this as possible (ideally):

- ideally no monthly fees,  tenant pays up to $5 for the fee on their end when they send the payment. 

- no contracts, term commitments,  etc.     

- simple as possible to set up.    Something along the lines of Square - except for rent payments

- i don't think i need a huge site where i can store leases, tenant contact info,  schedule mtce, etc.    Nothing that elaborate.   Just a simple site that's easy to connect up and is mainly just for receiving rents.   


Cozy sounds like exactly what you’re looking for.

@JEFF D. We use a company called Value Payment Systems. They offer debit, credit and echeck payment online. We also allow echeck through our property management system. We like the Value Payment Systems better than most other sites like Venmo and even our property management software payment portal because they offer the online debit card payment at a more affordable rate.

Most everyone else charges 2%-3% a payment with Visa or MasterCard and they offer a flat fee around $5.00 paid by the tenant. Their system allows tenants to pay online via a personalized website and also offers mobile access. You get a daily report indicating who paid in excel form that can be downloaded into most property management software. If this is something that may interest you let me know and I am happy to send you my account reps info.

How about having tenant direct deposit into your business account..

A lot of my tenants don’t even have checking accounts.  But I think they like online payment because they can buy a pre paid visa and use that.   weird as that seems.  

If you’re only looking for them to have the ability to pay online, Cozy has a good reputation. However, there are two apps that work much quicker. Zelle and Venmo. Essentially each person creates an account with user name and password, add your bank account info and then they initiate the payment form their end. No fees involved whatsoever for either party that I’m aware of. We use a site called to accept payments, but it also has the features you said you don’t need, like their contact, lease info, online applicants, etc. We pay $9/month for this. good luck!

I'm a big fan of Cozy. Easy to use for both you and the tenant. Free on both ends. (a percentage if the tenant pays with credit card which most don't)

I use ClearNow, an online payment service like Cozy.

The difference between Cozy and ClearNow versus Zelle and Venmo is ClearNow deducts the rent from the tenant account on the first of the month. Using Zelle, Venmo, tenant depositing checks into my rental account is that I still have to chase after the tenant, like leaving a message saying "hey, you forgot to deposit rent check by Venmo again, the 1st was yesterday".

And furthermore, if the bank deduct payments from the account, and its insufficient funds, not only will it negatively affect their credit, but they would be stuck with bank fees. You don't get that with Zelle or Venmo.

There is erentpayment as well out there.

Originally posted by @Jim Adrian :

There is erentpayment as well out there.

 I was following the recent problems mentioned on this site regarding "erentpayment" Apparently this is a risk of online rent payment services. See: erentpayment

Cozy is what I use and love it.

@Kyle J. and @Frank Chin , Yes I am fully aware of this past issue with erent.  I was simply adding one option to the list.  Its up to the individual to vet out the company.  I didn't have any problems with erent, but I heard other that did.  I also hear the problem has been fixed for people moving forward. There is still some clean up on the Oct mess.

The key think to looking at with these other sites listed, "Can you block / not accept partial payment?".  Understand how accepting partial payment will affect an eviction process.  Erent does block partial payment.


Check out Cozy.Co, it's free for both the tenant/landlord, and you can add fees/payments, and it allows them to take credit cards for a 3% fee charged to the tenant...only negative is they can be slow in processing the rent payments (3-7 days)

I use Buildium and love it. It allows me to manage all my properties. Online payments, e-leases, listings, tenant screening and so. It’s a full fledged Property Management software that makes life easy.

@JEFF D. another vote for which I have now used for a year. Payment speed seems to depend on the sending bank. I have always gotten my money within a few days. They also have tenant screening which I have used a couple times. 

@Jim Adrian it is very prudent of @Kyle J. and @Frank Chin to point out the very publicized problems over at eRentpayment. Jeff is looking for recommendations of good services. People were claiming that eRentPayments turned off their phones, so not only did they have a major problem, but they stopped communicating with their customers. You are calling it a "past issue", but some people are still trying to get October rents. This is really recent and ongoing. It is kind of reckless to omit that in my opinion, but it just underscores why people need to do their own due diligence. It is possible eRentpayment could go out of business as a result of this mess. I would want to see 6-12 months of them being back on track before even considering them.

Give them landlord account and transit #. Do it on line. Zelle can be a third party.

Most banks do not charge fees for transfer funds.


After losing 2 grand in rent to the lovely people at I will never again use a third party to handle MY MONEY. Zell is person to person. Another option is to have them direct deposit to you account    

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