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Hi everyone! Basically, I am looking for some "crowd-funding" RE company such as Holdfolio. I'm looking forward to put some of the extra cash in those deals, as it's less investment and less workload. Any suggestions? I know that some of the replies would be to put that money as a down-payment and what not, but I'm not looking forward to go through the hassle, I'd rather just be a silent investor. Thanks in advance!

@Jaudat S. I think there a lot of forums on this you can find via searching but I can say I would point you to realtymogul, realcrowd and groundfloor.

@Jaudat S. In which type of asset do you want to invest?

Debt or equity?

Accredited or non-accredited?

The answers to these will help us help you.

Yes, as @Percy N.   mentioned it makes a big difference whether or not you are accredited or non-accredited,  because the best answers for one are not the same for the other. Which one are you? 

@Percy N. and @Ian Ippolito I'm looking for non-accredited individuals, even though I'm accredited but I want some friends and family to climb along in the investment life. I am looking forward to an equity opportunity. I know, I should've specified at the time of posting the question, but I wasn't sure if anyone would tag along with me. Hope you have some recommendations for me... Cheers!
Thanks a bunch @Jeff Kehl . I already have some money stowed in those companies. Once again, thanks for the recommendations!

 Thankfully there are a lot more non-accredited options today that even just a year ago. I would recommend starting with a core plus equity strategy fund (which is conservative) for the base of your real estate portfolio.  Then you can take more risk with smaller portions. 

Depending on how much money you have to invest, start diversifying into other strategies and asset classes  to both increase your return and give you more diversification protection.

Blackstone has an excellent Core plus Fund, although it does require a little bit more net worth than typical. .  There are also quite a few good value added strategy funds as well. P.m. if you want more detailed advice.

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