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Hello --- question for the group.  Does anybody have any ideas for resources that might provide good insight into growing rental markets for multi-family?    More specifically, I'm looking for city development, growth, demographic info (age, income, etc), industry information, etc.  

I'm looking to expand my scope outside my current market and seeking solid info for research.



@Ryan Ohls

  • City-Data
  • Trulia/Zillow/Redfin
  • US Census
  • Research report by the big brokerage houses like Marcus and Milichap, CBRE, JLL etc
  • You can also use toolslike Zipwho and ESRI to get granular demographic data around age, income, racial mixture
  • City/County/State websites have a lot of information. A trick that has really helped me is reaching out the Chamber of Commerce. They are always eager to help out, willing to point you in the right direction and connect you with people. 

@Omar - thanks!

The Economic Development Committee is good too.

hey Ryan,

Whats the matter with austin? 

Cap rates too low?

@Ryan Ohls

If you're interested in looking outside of the Austin area while still staying within Texas, then the research and publications from Texas A&M Real Estate Center would be an excellent resource for you.

Try these as well:

  • fills this information gap by displaying a national percentile rank (0 - 99) next to every data element. This site allows users to search by demographics.
  • Stats about all US cities - real estate, relocation info, crime, house prices, schools, races, income, photos, sex offenders, maps, education, weather, home value estimator, recent sales, etc.
  • For a  List of the best performing cities visit:

Hope that helps too.

@Ryan Ohls If you're interested, I've pasted a link to a market study I performed recently. It's basically comprised of data pulled from the census and BLS. It lists MSA level data for most of the main factors that relate to housing demand, job growth, pop. growth, hh growth, in-migration (domestic and international), renter base %, etc.. The goal of the research was to model secondary and tertiary markets that were similar to areas like Raleigh, NC, Salt Lake City, UT and other secondary/tertiary markets that had seen major growth since the recession; then try to pinpoint where the institutional capital started to emerge.!AvA-3ZIz1uaorBaMa9CVnFyEa7k_

@Will G. - Austin's really smoking right now and it's higher than I've ever seen it.  It's all relative, of course, but hard to make the numbers cash flow enough on a longer term hold.  

This is why I'm interested in researching other markets.

Thanks to everybody for the great resources.  


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