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I'm attempting to narrow my criteria for multifamily properties here in Houston and having trouble filtering through websites for demographic information. I've attempted a few different google searches but I can't tell if these sources are credible. I'm honestly a bit overwhelmed and uncertain of what information I should focus on. Can anyone assist with a credible source online/offline? What demographic information should I focus my attention? 

I look at citydata.com. Search by zip. The site shows data by zip broken down by block code / census area. Number of different metrics. I typically looks at median household income; both recent data and % change from last census

Thanks @Satha Palani I actually saw this website but wasn’t sure how reliable all the data was. I look back into it and research some of those data points.

Citi data is decent, Loopnet provides some. CoStar and Axiometrics are the best. Most commercial brokers have access to CoStar and can provide you a report if you have a relationship with them. 

Hey Forrest, the city's website is best for demographic search. Usually, it will be under economic development. Here's a link for Houston for data from 2011-2015: http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/Demographics/sup...

Clicking on each neighborhood will give you breakdown by age, income, etc

@Forrest Holt   This is why you should be working with a Realtor rather than trying to do it yourself.

We have easy access to that information. We can't provide information that may be considered discriminatory. But we can easily access data about income, professions, education levels, and percentage of renters to buyers.

Thank you @Todd Dexheimer @Von S. and @Juan Vargas I'll filter through these suggestions this evening and do some research.

I'm all for networking and working with realtors. I'm attending local meet ups and networking on social media. I've never closed a real estate deal before and from what I understand that's key if you want a realtor to throw you a good deal. I'm willing to drive and knock if that means I can land my first deal. All that said I would be happy to connect with you and learn anything possible. @Fred Heller

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